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Active 1 Reply 114 Views 2018-09-01 12:26:06 Soccer News
12:25pm, September 1st, 2018

Cardiff City are looking to sign a Premier League loan star after Warnock talks with Vincent Tan


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The following is an introduction from a season preview written by Statsbomb on Cardiff;

"Cardiff City. A preview which exists because it must.

"Cardiff City is definitely a team that plays football and that will play 38 Premier League matches this season, which is why we’re here today.

"The Bluebirds were a grim but successful performer in the Championship last season, which bodes somewhat well for their 2019-2020 Championship campaign."

This was probably the worst one that I have encountered, but unfortunately, it was not out of character with the general consensus. Even the mainstream press have followed this narrative; that 20th place is already taken. It’s reserved for Cardiff.

I’ve followed football for a long time, but I’ve never read so much patronising, offensive and often just plain inaccurate reporting as I have from those covering Cardiff in the lead up to this season.

It’s lazy and feeds the worst kind of snobbery, buying in to the modern phenomenon that football has to be played in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Anyone reading this sort of stuff will be expecting Cardiff to turn up draped in animal furs, wielding clubs. In one respect, you might think that the only way is up, that they can only exceed expectations. My fear is that it may become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy instead.

Having watched all of Cardiff’s opening three games, I wonder whether these words may have chipped away at their confidence a little bit. There was a fairly inconsequential passage of play in the Huddersfield game that struck a chord with me in that regard.

Having been pinned back all half, Cardiff won a corner late in the first half from a rare attack. The corner was cleared back to Joe Ralls near half way and unchallenged, rather than survey his attacking options, he instinctively played the ball all the way back to Neil Etheridge.

It was a slightly panicked, safety first approach, when you would usually expect a more positive, creative decision from him.

The Bournemouth game was a short, sharp reality check, if one was needed. Cardiff were overwhelmed in the first half and were left treading water. They were much better in the second half, but the damage had already been done.

The Newcastle game was a big improvement, but they struggled to break down a well-drilled, savvy but middling Premier League side.

Cardiff were absolutely rock solid at Huddersfield, but at the expense of any attacking thrust. That immediately changed when the hosts went down to 10-men and it was all Cardiff in the late stages, but they couldn’t find a breakthrough.

In many respects, they have improved week on week, but that elusive first goal has now become a monkey on their back. After two games, Cardiff were the only Premier League side yet to find the back of the net.


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kennydav07 replied
7 Months
Arsenal is definitely dominant to Cardiff