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Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho wants to stay at Old Trafford for longest unbroken spell (Photos)

Active 1 Reply 96 Views 2018-04-29 08:50:14 Soccer Gist

JOSE MOURINHO watched with interest as Arsene Wenger called it a day at Arsenal at the grand old age of 68.

jose mourinho arsene wengerNC

Mourinho and Arsene Wenger will clash for possibly the final time at Old Trafford

And now Manchester United boss Mourinho has revealed that, at a youthful 55, he could also carry on managing until he’s drawing his old-age pension.

Mourinho is at the Theatre of Dreams for the foreseeable future, happy to go beyond the three years and three months in his first stint at Chelsea.

Asked if he could stay at Old Trafford for his longest unbroken spell, he said: “I think so. To be honest at other clubs I had the feeling of already thinking about ‘What next?’. I had things I had to do. I had to go to Italy for sure. I had to go to Spain for sure.

“At this moment, there isn’t anything around the corner. I don’t want to do anything different to what I am doing now.”

So could Mourinho carry on in the toughest job in football until the ripe old age of his rival Wenger?

Arsenal injury news: Arsene Wenger provides Henrikh Mkhitaryan update

 jose mourinho manager

Jose Mourinho says he could stay at Man Utd for longer than in previous jobs

At this moment, there isn’t anything around the corner

“For sure,” Mourinho said with a smile. “I will have to change clubs, though, because you don’t allow me to stay here.

“I think until the point you lose your motivation you keep improving. But I can’t see myself doing 22 years at one club because you don’t allow it.

“It’s too much pressure – not just for the manager but for the club, especially without any kind of success. To have four or five years to get a trophy and change the team, I don’t think you allow that any more. Am I a better manager now than 10 years ago? Yes, in every way. I am the same, nothing has changed. My passion for the job is the same and my sense of responsibility, emotional control is better.

Manchester United vs Arsenal combined XI

Who would make the best performance? 

“Obviously I am much more mature. At every level, training, matches, relations with the players, it feels like everything is déjà vu.

“It is very difficult now that there is something in my professional life I am surprised with or I don’t know how to react. I have had it before.

“So yes, it is a job where the more experience you have the better you are. You just have to keep this motivational level. I believe that one day a manager can say it is enough. They don’t want more.

“Until a manager decides that, I think you get better and better.”

Jose Mourinho gives heartfelt speech at United press conference

David De Gea

So Mourinho will witness the end of an era with Wenger riding off into the sunset, probably to another club on the European circuit. So how should Wenger be remembered?

Mourinho added: “First of all, I don’t think he is dead. And I don’t think he ends his career. Until I have different information, he is only going to end his career as Arsenal manager.

“I am going to remember him as a big opponent. As the manager of The Invincibles. The Invincibles I met when I arrived in the country in 2004. The Invincibles who made me a better coach.

“That’s the way I’d remember him.”


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kennydav07 replied
11 Months
Both wenger and Jose Mourinho are titans in the coaching world