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Last updated at: 07/03/2018 12:30 AM


1.What is this platform all about?

●It is a soccer community where soccer lovers discuss all about football.

2. Any registration fees are needed to join?

●NO. Everybody joins free and we don't encourage and form of monetary services. (No Buy / Sell).

3. What is the reward all about?

●The reward is a voluntary decision made by the the administrators of allsoccertalk.com to encourage their fans as they post relevant soccernews, vital topics to discuss , helpful tips on soccerbet etc to make the platform a lively place to be.

4. How does the reward works?

●Everybody creates a thread and post while the admin picks a trendy (a post that have lots of people commenting or a breaking news) topic and stick it on homepage for more people to view.. the fans gets a reward of N5000 weekly. And the first person to comment on such post gets 500 recharge card of any network. (Each time it sticks out).

5. How do i get badged?

● The admin can be contacted on this. He looks at your post and interview you to know the appropriate badge to be allocated to you. See more on badge page.

6. Can i trust anyone to deal on business terms?

●NO. We don't encourage buying / selling or rendering any form of service for cash here. If you do that , you are on your own.

7. I am seeing some illicit / unwanted messages.?

● You every right to flag (click on flag) any unwanted messages pr post by any fan . The admin or moderators will do justice to that while you will earn a "referee badge" as you improve.

8. Can i thumbsup / reply or comment on a thread / topic?

●YES you can, but you will have to signup before you can be allowed.