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Mysteries behind fixed matches (pictures of N1million won!)

I met this dude on one of the social media.. we talked at length and showed me his past games.. 

I was marvelled.. and at this point i m a bit broke and needed a fast cash. 

I told him how lots of guys have duped me claiming so so matches are being fixed.

So he gave me one to test..

Guys i won.:laughing:

So i decided to pay for the next one.. i cldnt play it cos i was on transit.. the game won again.. 97odds.. 

So last night we lost..

He said he wld compliment me with another game.. 

But i love allsoccertalk.com and felt i shld share it you guys.

I do pay about 10 to 20k for a slot of game..

(Note not all games come in.. but winningstreak is high.)

Comments and share your experience if you game with me.

I will only inbox you here to drop my games..

If i stake 2k to win 1m once and win like 2 times out of 5 games.. isnt that profits?

See pics below. I stamped it already. 

Placed this today.. 

Join me if you can make it maybe we will win.



The test he sent.. i won. (Combinations) je drop just one for me.

Another below i missed. 


Below was the previous he sent.

And another..

.... what is yourown experience?

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Nazi replied
7 Months
so who has really made money from sports betting on this platform? its seems nobody has had any breakthrough even from the software 
Smartxprince replied
10 Months
Admin please we are waiting for the Software.
chi-nelson replied
10 Months
I will wait for the software

Please if u have the game please share me I will love to make some cash thanks and God bless 

olutayo79 replied
11 Months
share game oooo
lordrufus replied
11 Months
That will be a nice one
tysuge replied
11 Months
Share games o!..... We are solidly with you.
yelgold replied
1 Year

Guys dont pay any one for any fixed shit.. we will wait for the software.. and use it ourselves..  the pics below explains how i was ripped big time recently just 2days ago now.. 

Imagine read my message agnored .. still trying to get more victims.. 

Tell us your experience.  

I have used the betting software before and was pretty ok.. but greed killed me again going for those bastards with 10p odds.  Stay clear be warned.

ngoobaby221987 replied
1 Year
Nice one, I've lost plenty money on fixed bets. hope this will favor us o! cant wait to win........thanks in anticipation
johnville500 replied
1 Year
Share games oh. Am in

admin replied
1 Year
We will be dropping the betting tip software free for the new season. 2018/19. August. So that allsoccertalk.com members can have it to bring possible winning games out. Most fixed games droppers uses it.. stay tune. Cheers.